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At Boxercise Bootcamp we offer a safe and responsible way to get a sensational tan. Our 60 tube 225watt vertical tanning unit, combines performance and precision engineering to give you an outstanding tanning experience. You may drop in for your tanning session or call us in advance to book a slot.

High Quality UV Tanning 

Our UV tanning sun bed is constantly monitored. We always maintain a high standard and our sunbed tubes are periodically changed  for maximum efficiency and safety, essential for high quality and safe UV tanning. We retail an exciting range of tanning accelerator creams to enhance your tanning experience and to care for your skin during tanning.


UV Tanning and your Health

UV tanning promotes Vitamin D production which is essential for building a healthy immune system and strong bones - it also makes you feel great!
UV tanning sun beds offer a safe alternative when used responsibly. Unfortunately, there is currently no scientific consensus on what levels of UV exposure are actually safe. We therefore advise all our clients to use the minimum amount of tanning necessary to achieve their desired results.